September 2016 Sitrep

September was another fine month for dividend increases. We had decent size pay raises from Lockheed Martin, the worlds biggest defence contractor as well as a few others. I expect … Continue Reading →

The Chrysler Experiment 2-Years On

I am now two years into my Chrysler experiment, I expect this not so scientific observation to last for a minimum of 10 years. Two years ago I wrote: “I bought … Continue Reading →

August 2016 Sitrep

August was another good month for dividend investors, the reporting of Canadian Banks quarterly earnings did not disappoint despite the media pessimism prior to the earnings being released. All of the … Continue Reading →

June Sitrep

Another good couple of months of dividend increases, we are getting some nice pay raises for doing absolutely nothing. Such is the good thing about being part owner of businesses. … Continue Reading →

April Sitrep

April was a much better month for dividend increases with the usual bluechips giving us our annual raises. P&G was disappointing. Exxon was a bit of a surprise, I would … Continue Reading →

March 2016 sitrep

I have been rather delinquent with this blog the past few months. I have been taking a few courses of things that I find interesting and spending a lot of time … Continue Reading →

2015 in Review

It was quite the year in dividend investing. It has been the worst market for energy shares that I can recall since the early 90’s. It has also been the most … Continue Reading →

Dominos Pizza, All Current Coupon Codes For Canada

Everyone loves pizza, and we all like a bargain. As a family, we don’t eat out very much as we prefer to cook at home. However, take out pizza is … Continue Reading →

November SITREP-Dividend Income

November is always a lean month for dividend income, December is a big one so lots to look forward to in the run up to Christmas. Novembers income came in … Continue Reading →

WIND Mobile Canada, My One Month Review of Service in Calgary

There is no doubt that Canada is a wonderful country to be a shareholder of large telecom companies. The major telcos including Bell Canada, Rogers, and Telus pay out consistently … Continue Reading →