January 2017 SITREP

January has been off to a good start, its just as well as the weather in Calgary has been brutal. I ended up going back to work out of shear boredom in the winter months to give me something to do.

I really like Calgary 9 months of the year, 3 months of the year I find it¬†brutal as I’m not a winter guy. If I would have had kids earlier in life and there were off hand, we would be south for the winter in some sort of Spanish speaking country with mild weather, kitesurfing beaches and tasty food. I certainly would have not gone back to work.

We had briefly looked at moving but we have family here that’s getting older and I don’t want to disrupt the kids education again. They are both thriving in school and very active on the local soccer scene.

So instead I have taken on some work to keep me occupied. I have accepted a fulltime job, but after a few months I will apply for a .5 hours contract. Its work that I quite enjoy and when I can get the .5 hours it will be four on 12 off so its a great schedule. I can see myself doing that until the kids leave home.

Its work that I am vastly over qualified for but I really enjoy have very little responsibility and not having the stress of being the boss anymore. When my shift is over I can go home and not think about it. The pay is terrible compared to running my own business but the trade off of 0 stress, more family time and little responsibility outweighs the bigger paycheque.

January is always good for dividend increases and this January did not disappoint.

Enbridge and Canadian Utilities came through as they do every year with juicy increases. We should see another one from Enbridge in a few months following their recent merger with Spectra.

Management has put out guidance through to 2020 of in the range of 10% annual dividend raises. I just loaded up on more Enbridge to max out our TFSA’s for the year for my wife and I, I don’t see the Enbridge dividend¬†growth story ending any time soon.

The surprise increase was COP the oil company. They cut my dividend last year when oil prices tanked. I normally sell companies when the cut their dividends, except major oil companies as its a cyclical business and I don’t like selling at the bottom of a market.

With oil now back in the mid $50 a barrel range, management see as return to profitability. And a pay raise is a pay raise, I’m always happy to have a pay raise for doing absolutely nothing!

February has already started off as a stellar month so stay tuned.

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Company Date Number of Shares old dividend new dividend % increase old annual new annual Amount increase
Enbridge 06-Jan-17 1890 2.12 2.332 10 4006.8 4407.48 400.68 CDN
CU 15-Jan-17 1569 1.3 1.43 10 2039.7 2243.67 203.97 CDN
COP 31-Jan-17 140 1 1.06 6 140 148.4 8.4 USD

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